What Makes a Marriage Last
By Marlo T%homas and Phil Donahue
Edited by Bruce Kluger
(HarperOne, 2020)

Power couple Marlo Thomas and Phil
Donahue have created a compelling and
intimate collection of intriguing conversations
with famous couples about their enduring
marriages and how they have made them last
through the challenges we all share. This
book offers practical and heartfelt wisdom for
couples of all ages, and a rare glimpse into
the lives of husbands and wives we have
come to know and love.

Around the World in 60 Seconds
By Nuseir Yassin and Bruce Kluger
(HarperOne, 2019)

In 2016, Nuseir Yassin quit his job to travel
for 1,000 consecutive days. But instead of
the usual tourist traps, Nas set out to meet
real people, see the places they call home,
and discover what unites all of us living on
this beautiful planet—from villages in Africa
and slums in India, to the high-rises of
Singapore and the deserts of Australia. While
he journeyed from country to country, Nas
uploaded a single 60-second video per day
for his Nas Daily Facebook following to
highlight the amazing, terrifying, inspiring and
downright surprising sh*t happening all over
the world. Thirteen million followers later, Nas
Daily has become the most immersive travel
experience ever captured, and finally shows
us what we’ve all been looking for: each

Dog on the Roof!
On the Road With Mitt and the Mutt
By Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
Illustrated by Colleen Clapp
(Touchstone Books, 2012)

Now for the first time, here is the completely
true—and only mildly embellished—shaggy
dog story of Seamus Romney, the famously
fetching Irish Setter whose master, future
presidential candidate Mitt Romney, plopped
him atop the family wagon for that infamous
1983 car trip. From the majesty of Mount
Rushmore to the fabulousness of San
Francisco—from the sacred temple of Salt
Lake City to the hallowed halls of
Washington, D.C.—here at last is Seamus’s
rooftop account of that headline-grabbing

'Twas the Night Before Christmas:
21st Century Edition
By Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
(Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2010)

Satirists Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
update Clement Clarke Moore's classic
holiday poem with all the corporate chicanery
and fiscal follies from today's headlines. In
this irreverent rendition, Christmas is no
longer a time of sparkling snow angels and
cheerful good will, but a celebration of profits,
bonuses, and unbridled greed—complete
with disgruntled elves, outsourced Santas,
union conflicts, Twittered conspiracies, randy
reindeer, media hysteria, factory relocations,
toxic merchandise, and a giant leveraged
buyout that rocks the world from pole to pole.

Dear President Obama: Letters of
Hope from Children Across America
By Bruce Kluger & David Tabatsky
Foreword by Linda Ellerbee
(Beckham Publications Group, Inc. 2009)

An inspiring and colorful collection of nearly
200 letters and drawings to President Barack
Obama, from children in every region of the
country—from the 7th Grader in a Manhattan
private school, to students in one of the
poorest schools in Nebraska. In their heartfelt
correspondences, these children (ages 4
through 18), do what kids do best: enunciate
their hopes, fears and dreams about the
world they live in, and their boundless
excitement about the historic election that
took place during their young lives.

Young Dick Cheney: Great American
By Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
Illustrated by Tim Foley
(AlterNet Books, 2008)

He was born among the big skies and cow
pies of the Great American West. And yet
from these humble beginnings, he would
grow to become the most famous, most
powerful Dick ever to inhabit the Vice
Presidency. In this often shocking, frequently
touching, clearly unauthorized biography,
faux journalists Bruce Kluger and David
Slavin (National Public Radio) reveal the
inspiring and sometimes even true story of
Richard B. Cheney—frontiersman, freedom
fighter, fatty. Meticulously reported (including
a footnote!) and  illustrated by renegade
artist Tim Foley, this unprecedented, spell-
checked triumph of painstaking conjecture is
destined to be cherished by patriots and
Democrats alike—a book that will captivate
readers everywhere for months to come.

The Right Words at the Right Time
Volume 2: Your Turn!
By Marlo Thomas & (New) Friends
Bruce Kluger, Co-Executive Editor
(Atria, 2006)

In this follow-up to Marlo Thomas's 2002
The Right Words at the Right
101 contributors—selected from
among thousands in a nationwide search—
tell riveting stories about the words that
changed their lives forever.

Thanks & Giving: All Year Long
By Marlo Thomas & Friends
Marlo Thomas & Christopher Cerf, Editors
Bruce Kluger, Consulting Editor
(Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing,

This joyful volume for children (and the
grown-ups in their lives) reaches into the
heads and hearts of our most acclaimed
writers, artists and performers, who celebrate
the best things in life—family, friendship,
giving, thankfulness and love. Contributors
include Maurice Sendak, Hilary Duff, Tiger
Woods, Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo,
Ray Romano, Whoopi Goldberg, illustrator
Eric Carle, Avi, Shel Silverstein, Matt
Groening and Mel Brooks.

Thanks & Giving: All Year Long (CD)
Marlo Thomas & Christopher Cerf, Producers
Bruce Kluger, Associate Producer
(Atlantic/WEA, 2004)

The winner of the 2006 Grammy Award for
Best Spoken Word Album for Children, this
companion CD to Marlo Thomas's bestselling
children's book of the same name features
poems, stories and songs performed by an A-
list of beloved entertainers, including Sheryl
Crow, Jimmy Buffett, Billy Crystal, Sarah
Jessica Parker, Hilary Duff, Robin Williams,
Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill
and the Muppets.

The Right Words at the Right Time
By Marlo Thomas & Friends
Bruce Kluger, Contributing Writer
(Atria 2002)

For everyone who needs a hero or loves a
good story, this inspiring collection features
personal essays from more than 100
remarkable men and women who recall the
moment in their lives when words changed
everything. Contributors include Muhammad
Ali, Tom Brokaw, Steven Spielberg, Toni
Morrison, Jack Nicholson, Jimmy Carter,
Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Katie Couric, Al
Pacino, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lance Armstrong,
Hillary Clinton, Ted Koppel, Paul McCartney,
Paul Newman, Itzhak Perlman, Tom Wolfe,
Sally Ride, Supreme Court Justice Ruth
Bader Ginsburg and the Dalai Lama.

Manhattan Dawn and Dusk
By Jon Ortner
Preface by John V. Lindsay
Introduction by Bruce Kluger
(Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1995)

Over the course of ten years, renowned
photographer Jon Ortner documented the
island of Manhattan in its best light. Often
spending weeks at a single location to
capture the perfect moment, Ortner has
produced a body of work that is unsurpassed
in the annals of city portraiture. Includes 200
full-color photos.

Baby Talk
Photographs by Shel Secunda
Captions by Bruce Kluger
(St. Martins Press, 1992)
For anyone who has ever wondered what
their tiny bundle of joy was really thinking,
this hilarious novelty book features dozens of
adorable back-and-white baby photos from
acclaimed photographer Shel Secunda,
accompanied by sassy, sarcastic and giggle-
inducing captions from writer Bruce Kluger.

Music By Joe Ercole
Book & Lyrics by Bruce Kluger
(Carter Theatre, New York City, 1980)
This memorable but short-lived off-Broadway
musical told the story of the five survivors of
the nuclear holocaust that destroyed the
world, who were spared by God so that he
could audition them for his new show,
"Creation, Part II." Part-
Godspell, part Jesus
Christ Superstar
, it was directed by Godspell
co-creator John-Michael Tebelak and ran off-
Broadway for 86 performances.
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